Free IIS Log IP Extractor

IPBlock IIS Log Extractor is a free tool that can be used with and without IPBlock. It analyzes IIS logs and extracts a list of source IPs based on various criteria. The result can be saved in a file or, when used with, be uploaded to instantly block or otherwise handle selected IPs.

The tool can be used in many ways. Some of the possibilities are:

In this example, the IIS Log Analyzer is used to block Curl User-Agent (used for robotic requests). The thresholds are set for a single request from data centers and 20 requests from other sources.
Block Curl User-Agent
And, in seconds, the result:
Block Curl User-Agent save result

System requirements: Any Windows operating system, .NET Framework 4.6 or later (installed by default on any currently supported Windows version). The tool does not require installation.

After downloading, please verify the file's integrity by checking its digital signature. Delaflex, Inc. signs all genuine IPBlock software with Extended Validation code signing certificate issued by Sectigo, a trusted root authority:
Digital Signature OK

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